Allen H.

Allen H

Allen Horner

The rhythm section is delivered by the one and only Allen Horner. Allen keeps the driving beat going behind the band. His affinity for knowing almost any rock song lends to his talent of keeping not only the beat, but filling out the rhythm of each and every song the way it is meant to be.Allen H-1 Allen is not only the energy behind the band, but keeps the band together and focused on the proper execution of the music and tempo.

Being exposed to music from an early age was of extreme importance for Allen’s musical development. He has seen many professional bands perform live and also has an extensive music collection. Seeing bands play live was not only a great way to learn, but to get inspired as well, and this made him want to play even more. Being known in the band for the music encyclopedia man, he has the ability to tell you what year a song was recorded, who performed it, and the name of the album it is on.