Gary L.

Gary L

Gary Lowe

Gary Lowe is the bottom end of the group playing the 5 string bass guitar. Gary is a founding member of CrossTown Band and is also the sound engineer. Gary is responsible for making the "Sound" of CrossTown Band unmistakably solid. Gary has the uncanny ability to play some of the most difficult bass riffs while also being responsible for making the band sound awesome on the front end. Along with playing the bass guitar, Gary is always aware of the quality of the sound being presented and makes changes to the system on the fly.

Gary L-1

Being a founding member of the group, Gary is also responsible for booking the band and any advertising that is required. Keeping all the musicians in line and up front is something that Gary excels at. Along with all the back end responsibilities, Gary is also a very accomplished musician. His playing ability exceeds most expectations. Gary's musical ability along with his background vocals round out the bottom end of this wonderful group.